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What is engagement and how to generate it?

Engagement depends on who you are, what your business is, what your added value is and how you are looking for a way to make it known, differentiate yourself from the competition.

An example:you are at a wine fair, there are hundreds of stands offering excellent quality wines, all making noise at the same time, people pass by, but all the brands are similar, but there is someone with a megaphone shouting what we do and who we are .

That can be one way to get attention, but there can be much more, this is an Offline example. Now move it to digital, taking into account who you are.
Engagement is a commitment that creates a brand with its followers in the digital world and vice versa, that is, it is the commitment, follow-up and interaction that users have with their favorite brands.
Excellent social media work will allow a company to connect with its followers and potential consumers.
The term engagement It is widely used in digital marketing to describe the degree of emotional involvement that followers have with a company, brand or page on social networks. It can also be defined as the closeness between a brand and the people who follow it. Basically, it seeks identification and emotional connection to achieve a higher level of loyalty.
There are several ways to measure brand engagement, since it is reflected in the moments that followers come into contact with the brand. For example, you can measure the times that a customer / user makes a purchase, their interactions (likes, shares, comments) in the publications to understand and discover what they like to see, what content they identify with the most and how those people affect or benefit the image of the brand.
To generate engagement we present the following recommendations:
Target audiences
It is essential to segment the market and customers. This will help the brand to be more assertive with the content and thus connect better, also increasing the reach of the messages. Sex, age, location, lifestyle, etc. must be taken into account for segmentation.
Content plan
Depending on the target audience, it is important to define the frequency with which the publications are made. It should be noted that graphic, audiovisual and dynamic content will call people to interact with the brand.
Listen and solve
You must be careful to resolve the doubts or complaints of the followers in the best way. The key to engagement is in the emotional ties that are generated with customers. If they feel heard, the commitment will grow.
Different platforms
As well as there are a variety of social networks such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others; different strategies must also be worked on. The platform and the target audience must be taken into account for the type of information and format that is going to be disseminated to get the most out of it.
Metric support
Social networks have the advantage that they allow you to easily know the number of reactions, comments, views, reproductions, etc. Based on these statistics, the type of content that works the most should be analyzed.

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