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Roberto Salomón

Teatro Luis Poma

“It is a pleasure to work with creative and purposeful people.”

Juanita Zelaya de Müller

Fundación Poma

“Say Hello is an ally that contributes to the generation of value for our brand in social media. Its focus on innovation has made it easier for us to explore and implement innovative digital strategies and its methodology allows us to measure the impact of our campaigns and identify opportunities for improvement.”

Marcella Avalos

CEO-American Laundry

“Working with Sayhello was a very enriching experience since the work that was carried out was very personalized, thus being able to make an improvement for the growth of the company, the advice I received from them allowed me to focus my target market on a very efficient and strategic way”

Gloria Guadalupe Herrera Reyes


”I am grateful to the Say Hello agency as they helped us create a modern graphic line for NOYA Chocolates, maintaining our essence, more dynamic promotional posts, guidelines that have helped us increase sales and reach new clients. They helped us in a new packaging design and marketing strategies that allow us be ready for changes. ”

Marcela Ester Cortez de Carranza


”Our experience with SayHello was totally satisfactory. They knew how to perfectly capture the essence of the brand. Intuitive with each of the ideas that we transfer to them. At all times they were concerned with identifying our needs and adapting to them, complying with the established deadlines. You become part of their work group, the personalized attention they offer is something that distinguishes them from most companies in the sector. They have the ability not to make you feel strange because sometimes you do not understand computer processes, they know how to make you participate in them without the slightest confusion.”

Marta Irene de Castaneda y Celina Hernández


”As entrepreneurs, we have had the opportunity to receive support in different ways. In the last few months we were part of the Business Acceleration Program II, where we received technical support from the Say Hello! Agency. For the construction of our Website, which represents a new sales channel and therefore an effective tool to boost our company and take it to the next level. Their support has been comprehensive, since they were not limited only to developing a page but to sharing with us tools that will be useful to us to promote our company. We have entrusted new allies and in them answers to keep walking.”

Alba Irene Gómez García

(Socia - Propietaria)-Distribuidora El Pacifico

”Through the Business Acceleration II program we have the support of the SAYHELLO agency with which we work to strengthen our brand, we discovered that one of the reasons for a company to be successful is to be well positioned than the reason that weighs more at the moment That consumers buy our products is our brand and not the characteristics or benefits that they have. Thanks SAYHELLO for the initial contribution in the transformation of our brand. With this, we hope to achieve a solid brand and that consumers have a clear identity and essence of our brand to achieve market positioning.”

Andrea Marcela Hernández de Alegría

Fundadora & CEO-Los Alegría Café

”SayHello is one of the most important acceleration pillars that we experience in the Business Acceleration 2.0 Program. From the beginning, they knew how to connect with the concept of the business model linked to the purpose of the company. We joined synergies and their contributions of innovation, generated that extra we were looking for. Now, the perceived value of the brand is greater, opportunities have opened in new markets, which involve more competitive demands. In general, the corporate image was refreshed in a creative way and we are very happy with the results obtained with SayHello.”

Dalila MArgarita Portillo de Orellana

(Coordinadora - Fundadora)-Desarrollo para el Trabajo, S.A. de C.V.

”As a businesswoman benefiting from the Business Acceleration Program, we have received technical support and accompaniment from the SAYHELLO Agency, who have created and designed a virtual platform for our company, as a technological development tool to grow towards new teaching-learning trends. We appreciate the dedication and professionalism of the entire team in this important process. Thank you SAYHELLO, for such excellent work, successes and blessings for all.”

Juana Dolores Guerrero de Zelada

Gerente-Jannaz arte & tradición

”Transformation and innovation go hand in hand. The technology that Impact Hub implemented in the company has given us new skills and new business processes that favor innovation Turning Jannaz Arte & Tradition into an online teaching platform with great growth potential Thanks to the entire Impact Hub team for their professionalism, dedication and support in strengthening our company.”

Aucelia Martinez de Lovo

CEO-Studio Cre-Haz

”I am completely satisfied with the entire SayHello team for the result obtained with my E-learning platform. I started a beautiful project, the project of my dreams, with a great mission and vision, which looked far to see it grow, but I am very happy for the leaps and bounds that I have seen since the project is in Sayhello's hands !!! Thank you guys for all the support !!! "

Catalina del Carmen López Rugamas

Propietaria-NINA CATA

"Thank you for accompanying NINA CATA in its growth and doing an excellent job with the digital strategy that it has carried out. I really liked that the Say Hello team felt part of NINA CATA and captured the essence of the brand in order to transmit it in the digital advertising campaign. I was very satisfied since we managed to grow in followers, reach and obtain sales. "

Ana Carolina Yamendis Leiva

Encargada de Mercadeo-Restaurante Pueblo Viejo

”As Pueblo Viejo Restaurant we are very grateful to SayHello for the professionalism and commitment they have acquired with our brand, providing innovative ideas according to market trends, being detailed with each plan that is executed and above all that they adapt to our objectives offering solutions and results. We confirm that they are our allies to achieve our goals and that the brand has undergone a significant, positive change since SayHello manages our brand. "

Denny Brett Romero Corea

Fundadora-Denny Romero Academy

"The results obtained thanks to the technical support of the Say Hello company fulfilled my expectations, since now I have an e-learning that positions me as a pioneer in the Teaching of Artisanal Design online in El Salvador and I am ready to take off."

Johana Cecibel Sandoval de Magaña

Fundadora-De Todo con Aromas by Johana Sandoval

"As De Todo con Aromas we are grateful for the support they have given us in the ecommerce issue since we currently have our website that has been designed by sayhello and also the advice to carry out the new marketing plan for our company. Thank you Sayhello for being a means to achieve our dreams and make this business idea a stable and recognized company."

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