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Importance of the brand manual for companies

Having a brand manual is more than having a logo, it is having a style guide that helps an organization or company to be recognized by customers, identified by potential customers and differentiate itself from its competition.

It is important to maintain the same presentation line, because in this way coherence is obtained when disclosing the organization in the different supports and platforms.

This manual is the sum of how a brand, company or organization should look, feel and speak; with the aim of providing its audience with audiovisual supports with coherence and confidence.

We present some elements that make up the brand manual:

-Logo: it is the first image that people will have of the brand, hence its creation and use should not be taken lightly. It is essential to determine their proportions, color versions and positions, sizes.

-Types: the institutional typeface will not necessarily be the same as the one used in the brand’s logo, since the latter can be a modified typeface or one created specifically for the logo.

-Color palette: It is necessary to define what colors will be used, based on what you want to convey, particular characteristics of your target audience or company by applying color psychology.. and establishing guidelines on their use, tones, contrasts and their versions both in Pantone, in RGB y CMYK.

-Applications: Examples of how the logo, typography and colors are applied in different situations. It is very common to include stationery designs: business cards, folders, envelopes, letter paper … But we can also find more specific applications such as t-shirts, labels or promotional gifts.

It depends on the nature of your brand. Personally, I like to include an example where the applied fonts are seen, in this way the size relationship between headlines and bodies of text is well appreciated.

Say Hello is ready to develop your corporate identity manual.

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