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Basic practices for digital transformation

Digital transformation is not a process, it is a scenario of possibilities that companies must create in order to build opportunities linked to the feelings, expectations and challenges of customers.

In this sense, it is not in technology or processes where transformation occurs, but in the practices and skills of the people who identify, capture and reinvent the way of doing things, with the participation of consumers.
To achieve this, companies cannot continue to understand business from a traditional perspective of careers: economics, technology, engineering, law, psychology, etc., but rather motivate a union of disciplines.
If companies or organizations want to move forward and create a space in the digital environment, they must follow some basic practices:
  • Move quickly.
  • A requirement to walk with business challenges and have the scenarios ready to experiment and simulate solutions in an agile and effective way. Overcome the cognitive barriers of what we know to take risks intelligently.
  • Experiment a lot.
  • Learn, unlearn, disconnect and reconnect are words that define the way the company knows and discovers its own environment and business reality.
  • Early adoption.
  • Moving fast and experimenting a lot should lead to a relationship with trusted third parties to have rapidly deployable platforms and ecosystems, in order to develop and consolidate the new digital competencies that are required to face business challenges.
  • Always reinvent.
By carrying out the three previous actions, spaces are achieved to anticipate trends, understand the risks and digital threats that are inherent in these new initiatives, in order to defend the promise of value for customers.

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