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8 trends in digital Marketing 2019

In today’s blog we bring you 8 most innovative trends for this 2019! Expect more soon.

1. Generation Z has arrived and is the audience to win.
Being 100% digital natives makes them much more practical than the previous generation, they are careful when making purchase decisions, worrying about the quality of the products, looking for quick answers and interaction at all stages of the buyer journey. Provide the best content to lead to a successful purchase!
2. Smart Speakers (Advertising)
Thanks to the rise of smart speakers and the humanization of SEO, keywords must adapt to the natural search for human conversation. Audio advertising intended for Smart Speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and ApplePod will soon be a trend.
3. Customer Data Platform
The world of marketing evolves very fast and new technologies appear every day to improve and optimize work. Managing customer data is one of the biggest challenges, maybe a Customer Data Platform or CDP whatever you need. Created to solve the problems of integration, labeling and storage of customer data. This is defined as a tool that stores first-party information about our clients.
4. Video Ads and Videos will continue to grow.
Studies predict that video will accountfor 85% of internet traffic in 2019. Others confirm that 54% of internet users watch videos on social networks on a monthly basis and this figure will only grow in the coming years.
Something similar happens to video ads. 65% of Instagram ad impressions were visual content and this number is expected to rise as well. Innovate in format design!
5. Social Shopping
Until now we did advertising campaigns to take consumers from social networks to our shopping platform. Along the way there was the danger that potential customers would back down, for example, due to the fact that ecommerce took a long time to load.
To make the ads more effective and avoid losses during the buyer journey, social platforms have begun to enable the purchase option within the same social network.
The Social Shoppingesis now a reality, thanks to new spaces such as Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping, take advantage of them!
6. Visual Search or Visual Search
Machine Learning is taking online searches to another level, but it is not only voice searches that are gaining momentum, but also visual searches (visual search).
Big brands like Google, Pinterest or Microsoft have focused on developing visual interactive SEO. Visual Search will be able to identify objects that are in an image and then search for images related to that object.
For example, you have seen a bed blanket that you love and you do not know what brand it is, then you can take a photo and through visual search identify similar (or the same) blankets on the internet. So you can directly access the purchase of a product that you want, but you did not know where to find it.
7. Fast content
In the war for the click, short content for instant consumption is winning. Given the reality that content consumption occurs on several devices at the same time, with mobile phones being the preferred ones, it is normal that the most attractive content is the quickest to consume. These tend to attract the attention of the user more easily.
8. Google Signals
Google signals is a new functionality for Google Analytics that allows multi-device analysis without the need for ad-hoc development.
It is based on the use of the data of Google users who have activated the Ads Personalization system.
That is, it uses data from users who have accessed their Google account, such as age, gender and location, to which data collected from browsing is added. And what is almost more important, since users usually use the Google account on all the devices they handle in their day to day, multi-device data is included.

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